Redeveloped spaces in buildings cause uncertainty for property owners on how much energy is being used by each tenant, and which meters are tied to the respective tenant spaces. For example, with a scenario of a building transforming or converting an industrial space to an office, a property owner tends to have a harder time identifying how much each new tenant in that redeveloped space is using or which meters are tied to that tenant to properly bill them. Whether a transition of management or new acquisition of a property, EMS will help!

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

In this case, the best thing for a property owner to do is to speak with EMS about getting a quote to perform a survey of the property. Our surveys of the property can range from replacing existing metering, tracing circuits, investigating faulty meters, and more! The ultimate goal of a survey of the property is to help the property owner to capture any and all missing usage translating to recouping on their cost.

At EMS, our expertise isn’t just within the office! Our field technicians and electricians given a survey job of the property, will replace existing metering systems, install new equipment, trace all unidentified and unmetered circuits to identify which meter is tied to which tenant space. This way a property owner will know just how much energy their tenants are using, and can even figure out unmetered areas that may need a meter, such as CAM house meters for common areas in buildings or parking lot lighting.

Learn more about our meter reading and installation service here!

Interested in a site survey? Reach out to EMS Today for a quote at 1-800-965-9642!

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