Do you have someone on your property reading your meters for you? Perhaps Maintenance staff? Cleaning staff?

Reduce the time and hassle of handwritten reads, and turn to EMS to make energy simple for you!

EMS has the expertise that comes with more than 39 years in the submetering business. Whether manually read, or via automated meter reading (AMR), our people possess the experience and know-how to understand the metering equipment, meter reading system, and the information to set a property up for billing. Automated meter reading provides property management with frequent reads and access to real-time data regarding the health and functionality of the meter. On the contrary, manually read properties, provide property management with reads as often as every month with continued access to data and usage on our portal. Property management, as well as their tenants, will have access to our dynamic portal and different views of energy usage at the property.

No matter the read system, or type of utility (gas, electric, water, BTU), EMS does it all!

The Benefits of Each Meter Reading Method:

Automated meter reading (AMR):

  • Real-time data to 15 min. intervals
  • Automatically collect consumption diagnostic and status data from meters.
  • Enables flexible reading schedules

Manual Reads:

  • Monthly reads
  • Manual capture via visual inspection or hand-held electronic device
  • Ability to service older equipment infrastructures

Once meters are read, an assigned Account Representative will be property management’s point of contact throughout the billing process and managing your portfolio of accounts. This Account Representative will alert management of any anomalies in billing or sudden increases and decreases in consumption.

Our EMS billing template offers a clean layout that is informative and professional. Paper bills are mailed or tenants can enroll in our paperless e-bill option.


We provide fair tenant billing based on actual usage that will encourage conservation among tenants, reducing utility expenses and increasing your bottom line (NOI).

Interested in our meter reading and billing services? Learn more here!

Contact EMS toll-free at 1-800-965-9642

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