We want you to tell us. How is the energy management of your properties you own? 

First I will define the term. Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling and conserving energy in a building or organization.

There are four main steps to manage your energy consumption.

  1. Metering your energy consumption. This involves installing submeters and billing based on tenant usage as opposed to unit size.
  2. Discovering opportunities to save through managing utility expenses.
  3. Taking action once it is understood how you can save, and where you stand compared to similar buildings energy usage aka energy benchmarking
  4. Keeping track of your progress, looking at the data and being able to pull insights on energy consumption within your property. Energy-saving solutions and steps can be taken to continue to run a sustainable building/portfolio of buildings.

Now, if you are interested in submetering your property, we provide meter design and installation services. Submetering is a great way to maximize building value, minimize energy usage and optimize building intelligence!







How about receiving your energy score and understanding the energy performance of your building? Yes, we have an energy benchmarking service. Stay ahead of the curve, and know where your building stands and how efficient your building can be!

Energy Benchmarking
Maybe you like looking at the data. We provide utility expense management services that include status reports, waste management reports, and the ability to customize your specific reporting and data views to meet your needs.

At Energy Management Systems, Inc, we are your comprehensive energy solution and pride ourselves in making energy simple for you! We have provided meter reading and billing services for over 35 years, and since then expanded to high-efficiency lighting, utility consulting, expense management and energy procurement services.

Contact us at Sales@EMS3.com if interested!


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