Your Trusted Energy Partner

Since 1980, Energy Management Systems, Inc. has been the leader in submetering and tenant billing for the commercial real estate market offering a unique mix of people and technology.

Maximizing utility cost recovery for building owners and managers increases Net Operating Income (NOI).

Providing fair tenant billing based on actual usage encourages conservation.

EMS will deliver billing that is accurate and on time. We provide live customer support for your tenants.


Energy Management Systems Expertise


EMS has a dedicated staff of Utility Analysts and Rate Experts to assist
property management in determining the best billing methodology to
maximize utility expense recovery from a range of options including:

  • RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing)
  • Local Rates
  • At Cost
  • Runtime Allocation
  • Non-Utility Charges
  • Vacant Unit Cost Recovery
  • CAM Expense Allocation

Management Account Representative

EMS will assign a knowledgeable and dedicated Account Representative to work with property management and ensure that any questions, concerns or issues are addressed in a thorough, thoughtful, and timely manner.

Your dedicated Account Representative will be your primary contact for your entire portfolio. This will provide you a one-stop source for any of your utility management needs.  A single point of contact for all your properties ensures that you are receiving the highest level of service and makes the flow of information throughout the billing process more efficient.

Your Account Representative will also notify you of any irregular increases or decreases in utility consumption, vacant usage, and anything additional to minimize your utility expenses and maximize your recovery.

Tenant Customer Service

Live, knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to answer all tenant’s billing related questions.


EMS Billing Template


The EMS billing template offers a clean layout that is informative and professional.

Billing from EMS can include any utility plus other non-utility charges such as trash removal.

Paper bills are mailed or tenants can enroll in our paperless e-bill option.

Payments can be remitted to property management or to EMS for processing.

Payments can be made to EMS via check, money order, or online.

Download .csv files of tenant charges are available for integration with property management software for easy tenant remittance and collection.

Management Access Portal (MAP)

EMS’s online management access portal enables management to view consumption and costs for each tenant at each property in the portfolio on an advanced dashboard with meaningful analytics.

Multiple reports are available that provide the information you need to manage your property.  Your Account Representative will proactively provide guidance in analyzing reports, helping to identify billing and property issues.

Consumer Access Portal (CAP)

EMS provides a comprehensive, personalized, secure online account for each tenant.  Your tenants will be able to view their consumption history and view copies of past bills.


Energy Management Systems. Inc.