New York City has the largest commercial real estate market in the country as well as over one million buildings and 3.4 million apartments according to Urban Green Council. The New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) has recognized the need for product innovation and has since then created the Advanced Building Program. This program offers to fund companies and inventors that develop new, energy-efficient building technologies and business models. NYSERDA in addition to performing their own research, collaborated with Urban Green Council to conduct a technology needs assessment within the building industry.

What they found was, about 6 product ideas emerged and were of concern from this assessment that resulted in energy savings ranging from 3% to 13%.

6 Product Ideas Below:

Idea: Advanced unitized curtain wall
Result: lowered site energy use most significantly at the building level

Idea: Packaged condensing boiler for heat and hot water
Result: condensing boilers that serve both heating and hot water demand had the greatest potential impact on NYC.

Idea: Split heat pump designed for PTAC openings
Result: Had savings that varied widely depending on the type of existing PTAC

Idea: Super-efficient modular cooling for commercial space, Insulated wrap for existing balconies and slab edges, Low-conductivity shelf angles for masonry walls
Result: All have the same shared impact of making a significant improvement on one aspect of the building performance.

Many manufacturers have explained they have energy-efficient product ideas that were never pursued nor developed because of the lack of certainty regarding demand and the cost premiums on energy-efficiency products.

This research is definitely a step toward fostering enhanced communication between multiple stakeholders, such as building designers, owners, operations and product manufacturers.

Read more and download the full report by the Urban Green Council done on behalf of NYSERDA here!


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