Energy Efficiency regulations are continuing to come out of major cities across the country, notably New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

Commercial real estate owners may need an energy partner on their side, namely Energy Management Systems, who not only implements energy conservation measures but is able to provide energy procurement strategies that reduce their cost per unit of energy.


  1. What energy efficiency regulations are coming into play in these cities?
    Answer: Building owners must cut larger than 25K SF buildings, greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. Buildings that violate the carbon cap will be fined $268 for each excess ton of carbon they emit each year. Carbon emissions mainly come from the use of electricity, natural gas, heating oil, steam, and biofuel.
  2. What can I do as a building owner or developer to avoid this fee?
    Answer: As a building owner or property developer look for a company that is an expert in energy efficiency and sustainability. Speak to these companies about making the necessary changes to your building, including replacing outdated heating, cooling and lighting systems, or retrofitting older buildings with updated energy-efficient technology.

EMS’s Solution:

Energy Management Systems, Inc has been servicing multifamily, office, retail and commercial building owners since 1980. Nationwide EMS provides meter design, supply, install and servicing of the meter, meter reading, and billing services, central plant HVAC metering, energy benchmarking, and more! Our goal is to provide a comprehensive energy solution for building owners, and managers to where they can bill their tenants for individual energy usage, and recover on utility expenses, increasing net operating income, increasing property value, and remaining energy efficient.

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