Wouldn’t you want to know you’re getting the most accurate meter readings and billing for the tenants at your property? Manual meter reading involves our meter readers capturing energy usage via visual inspection or hand-held electronic device. Avoid the chance for human error with automated meter reading (AMR).

EMS works with dozens of industry standard AMR systems allowing the capability to get meter readings throughout the U.S. remotely. Making that switch to AMR reads will reduce costs and billing errors for property owners. Ensure your data is accurate, on time, and available to view in our MAP (building owner view) and CAP (tenant view) portal.

AMR systems provide flexible reading schedules and automatically collect consumption diagnostic, and status data from your meters. This allows building owners and managers to acquire and properly analyze real-time data that is critical to reducing utility and operating costs.

With AMR systems, EMS can get reads as frequently as every 15 minutes!

EMS AMR System Energy Management

List of Benefits to AMR for Property Owner:

  • Reduces billing errors and disputes
  • Flexible reading schedules
  • Lowers the cost of meter reading service
  • Provides real-time billing information, reducing estimated readings and re-billing costs
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Promotes energy conservation and customer savings with time-of-use consumption

List of Benefits to AMR for Tenants:

  • Reduces billing errors
  • Increases confidence in EMS service
  • Increases information about energy usage, while also empowering tenants to conserve resources and save money

Learn more about our automated meter reading (AMR) systems for any commercial, residential, or retail property by visiting our website!



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