What Is Our Utility Expense Management Service & How Does It Benefit Property Owners?

Utility Expense Management is a service offered by Energy Management Systems, Inc. that comprises of:

  • Leading Edge Data Analytics on Cost and Usage Across Your Portfolio
  • Advanced Energy Portal with Robust Reporting Features
  • 32 Point Bill Validation
  • Reduce Administrative and Processing Costs
  • Integration with Leading Sustainability Reporting

This is beneficial for any property owner as it streamlines the process of managing utility bills including energy, water, waste and LEED performance in one central location. Property owners will have visibility of utility expense recovery and access to historical bills within our platform.

3 New Features for our Utility Expense Management (UEM) Service You Want to Check Out:

  1. Metric Bill Validation Reporting: New Active Alert Features, Plus Multiple “Wow” Options

The Utility Expense Management Service (UEM) has never had so many user-specified bill alert options as it does now. For starters, we’ve expanded the number of bill validations from 20 points to +32 points. This includes usage and cost per square foot, weather normalized usage values and many more. Secondly, we can now program the UEM to notify portal users via email when various metrics have fallen outside of user-selected tolerances. Finally, users can filter by accounts, facilities, service providers, energy metrics, and define the tolerances, so they can receive or search for relevant information in a timely manner. Seasonal settings also available.


  1. Status Report: New Algorithm Uses Historical Billing Trends to Predict Receipt Date

The improved Status Report provides more detail on the expected receipt date of an invoice based on historical billing trends. Now, we display the average historical billing period for each account, the method by which we are collecting the data, and any notes on the invoice regarding bill collection. This allows you to easily monitor the status of an invoice as it moves from provider to our portal.

  1. Waste & Recycling Management: New Feature Converts Waste & Recycling into Diversion Rates

Corporate Sustainability programs aren’t complete without proper waste management considerations. Waste characterization and greater data transparency are precursors to lower waste disposal costs and increased diversion rates. Ensuring the business pays only for the waste services it needs is yet another internal pressure facility managers face to improve the cost efficiency of site-level services. Decisions around right-sizing container sizes, locations, and pick-up schedules require data-driven insight that the Utility Expense Management can provide! UEM has always offered waste and recycling tracking services and invoice management, but a recent software development project allows users to stack waste and recycling data side-by-side, to illustrate how much of the total waste is being recycled or diverted from the landfill. Now, customers can manage recycling performance as a diversion percentage based on total waste. EPA-provided or customer-provided conversion metrics allow various commodity types to be converted into pounds of waste.


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