Energy Procurement

Today’s deregulated energy market presents untold challenges for users looking to manage the rising cost of utilities.  With deregulation in many markets, buyers have the ability to choose who they buy their energy from and how it is generated allowing flexibility in developing an energy strategy that works best for their business.

The competitive energy procurement market is crowded with energy suppliers and confusing information. EMS takes what is seemingly complicated and makes it simple.  Energy Made Simple. EMS has the experience and relationships to guide your business through today’s energy marketplace. There are solutions for businesses of any size.

Map of Deregulated Gas & Electricity Markets

Meter System Design, Installation & Service

EMS’s Energy procurement service will:

  • Involve multiple suppliers to compete for your business
  • Offer seamless transition from your current supplier to new providers
  • Deliver real cost savings
  • Offer protection from rising costs
  • Manage contracts, data and regulatory requirements
  • Offer fixed, variable and combination rate plans

EMS will spend the necessary time to fully understand your risk tolerance and financial goals to identify energy products that meet your business objectives.  Our experts present a comprehensive approach to energy supply and risk management that empowers our customers to plan and manage energy costs.

The process is simple:

  • Provide EMS with your most recent utility statements so we can review your current rates and historical usage
  • Once analyzed, we will send out an RFP to multiple providers
  • Meet with you to review best options and compare current costs with future costs in a structured agreement

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