Energy Benchmarking

Energy Benchmarking is the process of accounting for and comparing a metered building’s current energy performance with its energy baseline or with the performance of similar buildings.  Benchmarking is an integrated component of a comprehensive energy management system and can be used to track pre- and post-project savings for documenting energy efficiency results.

By making energy performance measurable and visible, building owners can improve the efficiency of their building.  Efficient buildings are also more profitable and more valuable at resale.

U.S. City Policies


Energy Star Partner

As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, EMS is uniquely qualified to work with energy managers and organizations to inform them about how they use energy, where they use it, and what drives their energy use.  It is a key step in identifying opportunities to increase profitability by lowering energy and operating costs.

EMS utilizes the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager software tool to record and track your energy and water use as well as rating the energy performance of your building.  When you add your buildings, you’ll be joining 40 percent of U.S. commercial building space that’s already benchmarked in Portfolio Manager; making it the industry-leading benchmarking tool.


Policy Impact on Properties


Portfolio Manager

As a stand-alone service, EMS works with our customer to aggregate all the necessary utility and building information and enters it into Portfolio Manager.  EMS will then submit the completed file to local authorities on behalf of our customer.


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