Implement Smart Building Technology

Smart building technology has the benefit of providing cost savings and decreasing energy expenses. Facility managers still remain skeptical to implement smart tech in their buildings because they are not convinced of the ROI. Many still lack the knowledge of implementing tech in their buildings and how to reap the benefits.

According to Energy Manager Today, as energy costs continue to rise, the internet of things (IoT) costs decline, so now is the time to test and deploy smart building technology. Smart buildings consume less, are more comfortable and create a better sense of well-being.

Let’s look at the facts.

Nearly 47% of facilities managers have recognized the importance of energy management, while 17% say it is critical!

Although there are real cost savings; for example, customers have seen energy bills reduced by 25%, more education is still needed around implementing smart building technology.


How to get started you ask?

Consider first looking at your utility expenses, benchmarking your property, look at energy consumption, and align your building occupants or tenants to your energy management goals. Any building has the opportunity to analyze historical data and existing data, and get recommendations from account reps on ways to recover on utility expenses.

EMS Can Help With That!

Our company provides you with access to our MAP portal for property managers and CAP portal for tenants, so both are able to view energy consumption and speak with an account representative on utility and energy management. Focus on utility expense management and gain knowledge of ways to run a more efficient property.

Speak with one of our account reps today! Call us at 610-296-2875 


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