Automated Demand Response (ADR)

from Energy Management Systems and THG Energy Solutions

What is ADR?

ADR pays you a financial reward for installing energy management technology that allows your facility to automatically adjust load during specific events.  After the device is installed, your facility will receive an automated event signal from your utility.  These signals initiate pre-programmed DR strategies at your site.

You can combine your financial reward with approved energy-efficiency rebates.

The Solution

The EMS-THG ADR SaaS Platform unlocks your facilities ability to maximize revenue potential and simultaneously avoid costs.

Our system connects the ISO, utility and your supply contract to your facility allowing for a multi-teared load management strategy. We can automate participation in traditional demand/emergency response programs, unlock your ability to take advantage of economic and ancillary services, and create an additional hedge in your supply strategy by incorporating real-time prices into predetermined ADR strategies.


Integrated Market Response Solution

from Energy Management Systems and THG Energy Solutions

Plug and Play Solution |  Highly Scalable  |  Business Rule Flexibility  |  Wholesale and Retail Program Integration

ADR Real World Example

Same Event: Hourly View vs. 5 Min View

Hourly Data View

5-Minute Data View

Mid-size, multi-facility retailer utilizing duty-cycling strategy.

Device enables conservative curtailments to AC and lighting that represent sizable value without sacrificing comfort or operations.

Next Step for Implementation

Information Gathering

  • Technical discussion around facility footprint, assets, existing automation to determine areas for opportunity
  • Potential on-site walkthrough or remote survey

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