As a property manager, the two most important areas of concern when owning a portfolio of building’s is:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Affordability

Why not be able to tackle both with one solution? By now, I probably have your attention.

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As your trusted energy partner, we assist property management in determining the best billing methodology to maximize utility expense savings. Our employees are well equipped to handle anything and continue to approach every aspect of business incorporating our core values. Our people are passionate, personable, positive, and precise.

As we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive energy solution since 1980, we offer customer and account representatives, billing support, and two portals populated with dashboard views of energy consumption and cost. You will be advised of any irregular changes in utility consumption, vacant usage, and ways to minimize your utility expenses and enrich your portfolio.

The MAP portal view allows the property manager to manage each of its tenants within a wide portfolio consumption and costs for each tenant at each property in the portfolio on an advanced dashboard with meaningful analytics. Your tenants will be able to view their consumption history and view copies of bills using the CAP portal view.

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The benefit of EMS providing services to property managers is the guidance given to explain what energy-efficient improvements are necessary, to increase net operating income and asset value. In short, we make it simple for you.

In fact, ENERGY STAR has calculated that a 10% decrease in energy usage could lead to about a 1.5% increase in net operating income! This is a way for property managers to minimize costs while also taking the environmentally sustainable option with an energy solution company like EMS.

Trust us to make energy simple for you!


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