At EMS, we have noticed situations where property managers and owners aren’t aware they can submeter cell towers on their roof,  and might even be paying for this energy usage that isn’t theirs to own. Per the lease agreement, they should take full advantage of submetering and capturing energy usage of cell tower rooftops, and being able to allocate this cost to the tenants.

Accurate submetering will help to ensure a property owner gets rightfully reimbursed and a tower owner remains in compliance with a lease.

There are three cell tower lease easements: Specific Easement, General Easement, and Expanded Easement. For the purposes of this blog, the General Easement cell tower lease applies here.

General Easement only applies in the cases of rooftops and means that the buyout company takes the rights to the entire rooftop whether or not the wireless leases take up the entire rooftop area. The buyout companies prefer general easements because they get the right to future income in the event that other wireless companies need to rent your rooftop. The buyout company will often offer to give some percentage of the revenue to you from future tenants (Cell Site Lease Buyout Guide).

The cell tower energy usage should be covered and paid by the Wireless Network Carrier, as they need to rent the property owners rooftop.

Some cell tower leases tend to be more valuable than others, but the truth is your cell tower lease is an attractive asset.

At EMS, we specialize in submetering solutions, and have been an expert in installations, meter reading, and billing for more than 39 years! Count on EMS to install submeters, read the meters remotely via AMR systems, and bill and provide reporting on kWh.

Interested in submetering cell tower rooftops at your property? Reach out to us via email at and we can help you recover on utility expenses!

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