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How can you be sure that your accounts are all properly assigned and coded?

How do you know if there are missing meters, and that all tenants who should be submetered, are?

Are you sure that all the meter data, such as multipliers, are accurate?

Managing your data can be an overwhelming task. Trying to keep up with the volume of information, especially if you own or manage many multi-unit properties, can feel almost impossible. Data should be a valuable tool used to provide insightful information about your business, rather than an administrative burden. We can help you to regain control over your data so it works for you, not against you.

First, we help you locate your data by identifying all of your data sources, and then collecting it. This may require an on-site visit to gather the information manually, or we may need to interview utility companies or management to extract what exists and retrieve copies of bills.

Once we locate all of the data, we analyze it so we can then sort it and organize it in the most efficient, accessible manner for your properties. Once the database is properly assembled, we can help you uncover any account or cost recovery issues and also resolve those issues. Finally, we will maintain the database for you, including tracking of all changes that occur over time.


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