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PECO Residential Bill Explanation

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Breaking Down Your Bill:

In general, your bill is broken into two main parts:

1) The electricity used by customers, otherwise called the Generation portion. This charge is passed along directly to customers at the price that PECO pays. These prices change regularly, as market prices change.

2) The delivery charge, made up of the Transmission and Variable Distribution charges, is the portion of the bill that covers PECO’s costs to deliver electricity to you. These charges use to be included in the blocked portion of the rate but are now broken out and listed separately and are set by PECO and approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. (Source

Additional Riders, or charges, such as the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard and the State Tax Adjustment Clause make up a small portion of the overall bill.

Some More Information About Prices and Rates: As of January 1, 2011, the prices PECO and its customers pay for electricity are based on electric market pricing, after having been capped for more than 10 years. At the same time, the costs to operate PECO’s systems have been increasing. Because of these increased costs, in December 2010, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission approved PECO’s first electric delivery rate increase since 1989. (Source

To view PECO’s Electric Tariff go to and search for “Tariff” for their latest update.

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