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We consider ourselves a comprehensive energy solution provider, and we work hard to optimize all aspects of your energy management.

At our core, however, we are meter experts. After all, submetering begins with meter installation. If we did not install and repair meters so they worked, as they should, everything else we provided would be rendered meaningless. So rest assured we know meters — all varieties — and can install them anywhere in the country.

Furthermore, if you purchase your meters from EMS, and we install them, we stand by them. This means if there is an issue with the installation, we will fix it. If another company installed your meters, and did not offer a similar provision, we can certainly perform an installation correction. Of course, we can also repair or replace meters of any type at any time.

Testing is performed to check for accuracy that all meters are capturing full tenant usage. We also verify that phasing, assignment and programming is correct.

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