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Reduce both electrical and maintenance expenses with just one service. A High Efficiency Lighting Upgrade is one EMS service that generates two types of savings. The most obvious savings come from reduced electrical consumption. New lighting technology offers lamps and bulbs that burn just as, or even more brightly than their predecessors, yet consume up to 75% less electricity.

The longer life span of new bulbs and lamps creates even further savings due to the fact that they need to be replaced less frequently. You are used to paying to replace bulbs every year; however, today’s advanced lighting products can last for more than 20 years. But it wont take 20 years to realize payback. In most cases, payback is less than 2 years. After that, you’ll realize savings of up to 75% of your current lighting costs.

EMS uses a five step process to develop a custom solution:

1) On-site review of existing conditions at your property

2) Research solutions and available incentives

3) Submit a proposal that includes:

– Project Scope
– Energy Savings
– Maintenance Savings
– Payback & ROI

4) Deliver flawless project implementation

5) Monitor and report the savings

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